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For many people looking to add a new fence, or replace an old one, on their property the temptation to do it themselves can be very tempting. While you may have the best intentions to save some money this way, a DIY approach can be risky and cost you more in the long run. Hiring a professional fencing contractor brings many benefits, regardless of whether you are looking to install a single aluminium gate or an extensive Colourbond fence surrounding your property.

Quality, quality, quality

When it comes to adding to your property, we all need to consider longevity. Each homeowners nightmare is to pay for materials that cannot withstand use/weather conditions/ accidental damage/ etc, and need to be replaced again a few months later. Not only do the costs start to add up, but the stress and time it takes to manage this can be really tough. By working with a reliable fencing contractor from the start you are guaranteeing yourself a quality product, with a top-end installation, finished with a thorough clean up. If that isn’t worth the extra dollar then what is!

Get the right fit, first go

The dedicated team here at Fencewest, have been in the fencing and gate industry for years. Not only do they know how to properly fit, install, and finish a quality fencing build, they understand which products are going to work best for the tough conditions here in Western Australia, but last you for years to come. You might save a bit through DIY, but investing in a great fencing contractor to take care of it for you will save you money in the long run by delivering an amazing product that will last for seasons to come. Installing a fence in the wrong place can be expensive to rectify, so let us advise on best placement for property lines.

Increase the value of your property

Any smart homeowner understands the value of thinking of the big picture; what is best for your property and investment in the long run? For anything that is externally facing and impacts the look of your property should usually be handed over to an expert. An experienced fencing contractor, like the team here at Fencewest, will ensure that all mistakes are avoided and no irritating repairs or replacements will be required over the years. By doing a thorough job from day dot means the market value will increase, and the ‘curb appeal’ of your home will be raised for potential buyers in the future.

What Fencewest has to offer

As fencing experts, each of our trained fencing contractors that is part of the dedicated team here at Fencewest understands the value of tackling the core components of quality fencing installations; top-quality products, correct fittings, thorough installations, solid clean-ups, and check up visits to ensure nothing was missed. By letting us take care of your fencing job we will ensure any possible problems are avoided, saving you time and money through invaluable guidance on what products will work best for you, how best to place them, and avoiding or fixing any possible tricky issues. Call us today for a quote, or for any queries on our professional fencing contractor services.