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Storm Damaged Fence Repairs

As a coastal city, bearing the brunt of sea winds, Perth homes and businesses can sometimes take a battering from extreme storms. The expansive Indian Ocean produces air currents of high speed and strength, causing surprisingly brutal damage to fencing and gates during even the briefest of gales.

When it comes to storm damaged fence repairs Perth, FenceWest reacts quickly and efficiently. Regardless of whether fencing replacements or repairs are needed, a fast fix with long-lasting results is guaranteed from our highly trained craftsmen.

Effective repair solutions

As long standing fencing suppliers and fitters to the homes and rental properties of Perth, FenceWest offers expert repairs and premium replacements that cater to your custom requirements. If your property’s fencing or gates are damaged due to a storm, our trained professionals are on hand to assist quickly, regardless of the level of destruction

By using only top quality materials, including premium Australian-made colorbond fencing and gates, we guarantee long-lasting results for all storm damaged fence repairs Perth. We firmly believe in never doing a job by half, so whether you need a small fix or completely new fencing we supply effective fencing solutions for each custom repair project.

A quick turnaround time

In many cases, damaged or destroyed fencing creates issues for homeowners in the form of blocked driveways or yards, and even safety risks when housing structures are caught in the crossfire. We understand the importance of speedy response times, especially when children or elderly family members are at the property.

Our fencing experts respond with urgency when assisting with storm damaged fence repairs Perth. A detailed assessment is carried out to establish the custom requirements involved, guaranteeing a safe removal of detrimentally damaged fencing. To ensure a long lasting fencing solution, a post-installation inspection is carried out to double-check for any potential issues, or further repair requirements.

Long-lasting fencing replacements

Close attention to detail is paid throughout each step of a fencing repair or replacement project carried out by the experts at FenceWest. Regardless of whether an expedited fix is required, longevity is ensured for all storm damaged fence repairs Perth, with follow-up checks in place to find and fix any lingering issues.

Wind and thunderstorm damage can devastate outdoor elements of a property, but the right fencing solution can last for years to come. Whether you need fencing repairs for a family home, rented house, or an extensive commercial property, FenceWest provides the quality materials and superior craftsmanship to guarantee long-lasting results.

Storm damaged fence repairs Perth

At FenceWest we are focused on doing the job right first time around, creating custom damaged fencing solutions for each valued client. As long-standing suppliers of durable fencing repairs and solutions to the people of Perth, our expert knowledge and access to quality materials makes for efficient fixes to all storm damaged property.

For any extensive storm damaged fencing, or other unique requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to a friendly member of our team. Whether you need a quote or an urgent response, we can provide for all your premium repair services and custom fencing replacement needs.

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