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Colorbond Gates
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  • Purpose-built gates for front, side or back entrances
  • Available in COLORBOND® sheets and tubular steel
  • Durable Australian COLORBOND® steel with 10 year warranty from BlueScope Steel
  • Wide choice of colours and designs to match your home
If you want to ensure all round security on your property, or put in a gate that suits a specific driveway or entrance, FenceWest can help you put in a customised gate or fence panel between a boundary fence and your building, or an extra gate along your boundary fence. The beautiful thing is that you can choose designs to match your boundary gate or your COLORBOND® roofing, garage, and sheds.

Colorbond Gates

To complete your property and add the finishing touches to any exterior design, you can’t beat a quality Colorbond gate. For additional security and an aesthetically pleasing look there is no better investment than these durable gates. Purposely built to suit your specific requirements, it’s a cinch to choose a colour scheme that matches any existing fences, gates, roofing or outdoor buildings, with a wide range of warm and cool colours to choose from. If you have existing Colorbond products we will work with you to create a clean and cohesive finish to your property.

Our products

As Perth’s specialists in Colorbond gates we are able to provide purpose-built gates for front, back, or side entrances with ease and a quality of workmanship that you won’t find anywhere else in Western Australia. Each fitting process is a customised procedure carried out with precision to ensure no gaps, footholds, or loose areas exist. With a close working relationship with Colorbond, we can provide you with sheets and tubular steel made from extremely durable Australian Colorbond steel, that comes with a 10 year warranty from Australian BlueScope Steel. Our range of Colorbond gates are available in an extensive range of colours and designs to match your home or business properties.

Why choose Colorbond

Many of our customers choose Colorbond for the visually pleasing look that makes it a perfect fit in any Perth neighborhood, but the reason they return for more Colorbond products is the reliable quality and enduring build that makes Colorbond gates last season after season. The high grade steel combined with the FenceWest teams’ expertise ensures perfect security and privacy for you and your family, all around your property. These days your home can never have enough security, regardless of which neighborhood you reside in, so whether you are looking to replace an old gate or add a customised gate to your boundary fence, we are here to help. Colorbond gates are made from steel that is resistant to termites, rot, and even fire. With a massive range of stunning warm and cool muted tones to choose from, each one inspired by the Australian landscape, it’s a cinch to match your new gate with your Colorbond fences.

Perth Colorbond gates

After providing the people of Perth with reliable Colorbond gates for over ten years, we have the wealth of knowledge and experience you need to get the perfect gate fitted within your budget. As well accessing our know-how to help with selecting the right gate for you, selecting Fencewest means not having to worry about any of the logistics for installation. Coordinating the time, place, and capacity required is second nature to us, as is ensuring that each site we enter is left as clean as we found it. We pride ourselves on quality of service, and that includes both expert workmanship and a solid clean-up after installations. Contact the team today for a free quote on Perth Colorbond gates.


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