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Colorbond Fencing Contractors in Perth

Are you looking for Colorbond Fencing Contractors in Perth? When it comes to strong, versatile fencing, Colorbond is the most popular choice with our esteemed FenceWest customers. The subtle aesthetic appeal fits in perfectly with Wa neighbourhoods, and the wide range of organic, muted tones have something to match any design style.

Colorbond is an Australian-made product made from largely natural materials, created from top quality steel. The result is a highly durable fencing product that guarantees complete security and privacy at your home for years to come.

Superior quality fencing

Colorbond fencing supplied and installed by FenceWest has been a successful addition to both commercial and residential properties in WA. Many homeowners, landlords, builders, and business owners were left extremely satisfied with the security and visual appeal of their new Colorbond fencing in Perth, with a premium installation service completing the durability of this long lasting product.

The key difference between Colorbond and other boundary fence options is the quality of materials used. Created from high grade steel, this is tough fencing with an enduring build, designed to resist harsh weather, rot, fire, termites, and more. Colorbond fences and gates have a 10 year quality guarantee but often last up to 15-20 years.

Customised for your needs

The FenceWest team are adept at creating custom fencing solutions, be it for a private residence or commercial property. Perth Colorbond fencing is a truly versatile product, with a strong exterior and stylish design that’s perfect for use with all fencing applications.

Easy to maintain, a custom Colorbond fence can be created to work with your desired size and height. Our expert Colorbond installation team in Perth are able to tackle any variance in ground levels, constructing supportive plinths to support your Colorbond fence regardless of location. Whether you need a boundary fence, custom designs for the front or back of a property, or the addition of a gate, Colorbond fences and gates offer maximum privacy in a long lasting capacity.

Multiple style options

The strong build of Colorbond fencing is complemented by attractive colour options, and various design styles to suit your requirements. Those focused on maximum privacy opt for a sheet steel format, offering a complete barrier for your outdoor areas. For a fencing statement with visual appeal, the latticed steel designs are a prime choice.

A truly Australian product, Colorbond fencing Perth is available in a wide range of colours that are each inspired by the landscape of this beautiful country. Each warm, muted tone adds a subtle style to each fencing application, with shades of green, grey, blue, red, and multiple neutral options available. Check with the FenceWest, the Colorbond Fencing Contractors in Perth to ensure your chosen colour is available.

Colorbond Fencing Contractors in Perth

With a quality guarantee of ten years, and minimal maintenance required, it’s no wonder Colorbond Fencing Perth is a popular choice not only with our customers, but with the professional team here at FenceWest.

Our extensive experience supplying and installing Colorbond fencing in Perth makes us best placed to help and advise with any new fencing requirements. We offer a prompt installation alongside superior quality of service, be it for a new or replacement fence; we’ll even help remove the old one! Get in touch today for any queries about Colorbond fencing, or to get a free quote.

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