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Aluminium Gates
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  • Purpose-built gates for front, side or back entrances
  • Available in a wide range of colours
If you want to ensure all round security on your property, or put in a gate that suits a specific driveway or entrance, FenceWest can supply and fit a customised gate between a boundary fence and your building, or an extra gate along your boundary fence. Fencewest supplies custom designed aluminium gates for commercial and residential clients in Perth. All of our aluminium gates are made with high quality aluminium.

Colorbond Fences

For an easy on the eye, and easy to maintain, solution for the privacy and security of your home, Colorbond fences are the only way to go. Made from extremely durable Australian steel, each fence is developed by FenceWest to perfectly fit the shape and size of your property boundaries, be it a private home or a business property. The wide range of colours to choose from means a new Colorbond fence will blend in seamlessly with any existing elements and be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your house and neighborhood.

Privacy and security

We understand that our fellow Perth residents don’t do things by halves, especially when it comes to taking care of the safety of your property and the family and friends who may be inside. This is why Colorbond fences are an obvious choice for most; made from durable Australian steel that comes with a 10 year warranty from BlueScope steel, the quality of the materials is beyond compare. Both termite-proof and fire-safe, each custom installed fence can withstand rot, so there is no risk of holes or gaps developing over time that might compromise your house.


FenceWest operates with the highest standard of service and each installation we do with Colorbond fences is a tailored process, carefully carried out onsite and double checked to ensure not one gap, visible foothold, or detaches paling are left. We will work with you to customize the size, height and supports required for your specific needs. Lasting for up to ten years, Colorbond fences can transform your Perth home into a safe haven.

Why choose Colorbond

Colorbond fences are a secure and durable fencing solution that have the high-grade quality Australian steel materials to provide you with maximum security, and privacy. With an impressive 18 colours to choose from, each one a subtly warm or cool tone developed to match the stunning Australian landscape, you can match your new Colorbond fences to your existing properties with ease. Choose between five different designs to suit your needs, from steel lattices that offer an eye-catching design element, or sheet steel for maximum privacy. Colorbond is the reliable choice for safety with an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Perth Colorbond fences

Here at FenceWest we know Colorbond products inside and out, and nowhere else will you find Perth fencing providers with a higher quality of service and finish. Our years of experience makes us experts at installing Colorbond fences on your property with a perfect finish that ensures maximum safety and security. As experienced Perth fencing contractors, each of our team members can work with you to customise your Colorbond fence to your required size and height, as well as discuss adding plinths to bolster the stability of your boundary fence, should there be varied ground levels at play. Your home is your castle, and with Colorbond fences installed you can sleep easy knowing your property is safe and secure for years to come. Contact us at Fencewest today for a free fencing quote.

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