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Aluminium Fences
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When you need privacy and style then aluminium fencing is so much more attractive than normal fencing. Aluminium fencing is also corrosion resistance, won’t warp or rot and is long lasting with virtualy no maintanence.

Fencewest supplies custom designed aluminium fences for commercial and residential clients in Perth. All of our aluminium fences are made with high quality aluminium.

So if you require the latest modern look for you house then aluminium fencing is it.

For a quote on any custom aluminium fences & gates please feel free to email us.

Aluminium Gates

A perfect way to compliment your property while adding to the security and privacy is to install an aluminium gate. Notoriously reliable and easy to maintain, our aluminium gates are made of quality materials that are both lightweight and extremely weather resistant, ensuring they will last you through many seasons. Each aluminium gate from FenceWest comes in an impressive range of colours that you will be proud to show off outside of your home, and comes with a long-lasting finishing coat. This affordable material might just be the perfect thing to complete your outdoor property while also adding to you and your family’s safety.

Custom gates

Here at Fencewest we have over ten years of experience supplying the residents of Perth with quality products that add immensely to the privacy and safety of any property, from homes to business and anything in between. Our skills and industry knowledge mean we are able to create customised products for each of you with ease, and we will work with you to design the perfect aluminium gate to suit your needs. Each of our products is made from high quality aluminium, and is available in a wide range of colours to suit any existing fences, gates, or outdoor buildings at the property.


Whether you need a purpose built gate for your front, back, or side entrances, we can supply and fit tailored designs to work with almost any size, height, and ground level requirements. Supplying aluminium gates to residential and commercial properties all over Perth means we are experienced at adding additional gates to existing boundary fences, as well as a customised fence between your boundary gate and the building in question.


Why choose aluminium

Aluminium is the perfect option for a reliable Perth gate thanks to it’s durable properties, and long-lasting finish. With the intense WA weather you need a weather-resistant material, and aluminium gates can handle hot sun, UV rays, wind and rain. Because it is resistant to corrosion, aluminium is long-lasting and does not even need additional sealants added to the FenceWest finish. Aluminium gates also have a lightweight quality that makes them easy to handle, and perfect for families and residential properties where the gate will get a lot of use. Here at FenceWest we pride ourselves on both quality of service and of materials, working with only the high quality aluminium that our customers can rely on.

Perth aluminium gates

If you want to guarantee the comprehensive security of your residential home or commercial building, you can rely on FenceWest to build the perfect customised design for your needs. From supplying and fitting specialised gates for driveways and entrances, to add an aluminium gate to your boundary fence, our years of experience means we know how to provide a quality finish. Part of our top-quality service is to fit every gate cleanly, with zero gaps or loose material, and finish the job with a deep clean that will have your property looking tider than when we got there. To get a free quote for your Perth aluminium gate contact us today.

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