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Lurking behind a beautiful garden, a plain fence sticks out like a sore thumb. With a few clever alterations, you can transform your Colorbond fence and lift the appearance of your property.

Where to start with that outdoor space

Begin by defining your vision. Take a moment to imagine the yard post-makeover. Does the Colorbond fence blend with the surrounds through subtle changes, or has it become a stand out feature?

Decide whether or not you want the fence to be a focal point. Answering this question helps steer you in the right direction, and makes landscaping easier. Time to explore a few popular fence transformations.

The power of paint is a wonderful thing

A coat of paint does wonders for a fence. But first, check if painting your Colorbond fence impacts the warranty. Next, seek expert advice regarding surface preparation and quality exterior paint. Discuss texture as well as colour.

Looking for something different? Paint the trim another colour for a tasteful two-tone finish. Stenciling a subtle pattern down one side of the panels is another idea. If you want to go big, consider hiring an artist to create a mural.

Fancying up your Colorbond fence

Adding fence extensions and lattice slats to the top of the fence increases privacy, and improves the aesthetic. Post caps are also a popular finishing touch. Solar lights, whether added to the fence or positioned in front, change the night view.

Those who don’t want to see the fence at all should research screening and cladding. Panels and other objects such as bamboo are lined up adjacent or on an attached frame. Sometimes a pricier call, but the results can be fabulous.

Landscaping power of the plant

Plants revive the appearance of a Colorbond fence. Think big picture, and take care to choose greenery that complements the flora already in your garden. Planting a hedge along the fence line is a popular go-to.

When planting shrubs and bushes in front of the fence, seek advice from your local nursery. Discuss ideal selections, and proximity. The fence will be blocking light, and may radiate mild heat in the summer months.

Climbers and hangers bring the visuals

Climbers introduce a luscious, vibrant energy to dull fencing. A trellis is a popular choice but it’s worth seeking advice from an expert. Weighting over time may impact potential future insurance claims.

A number of hooks are available for Colorbond fences. These inexpensive accessories are great for hanging baskets and planters. A combined garden bed and trellis is another option that can be placed in front of the fence for a vertical garden effect.

Points to consider along the way

Budget will obviously impact the final decision. If set on a landscaping idea that seems out of your price range, shop around. There are always specials happening, and second-hand bargains abound.

When inspiration flags, browse the web. If taking a DIY approach make sure your plan is viable, and practical. Remember to keep safety in mind. Most of all, enjoy yourself. Landscaping should be (at least a little) fun!