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Summer days spent splashing in the pool or lounging in the shallow end are almost upon us, and what better way to enjoy the beautiful Perth weather than cooling off in your own backyard.

Hanging out in a home pool is a staple of Aussie summertime, but in order to enjoy each refreshing dip in complete comfort and security, it’s imperative to have pool fencing Perth that adheres to all safety compliance regulations.

Qualified experts in fence installation Perth like FenceWest can advise and recommend the best pool fencing options for your home, but it’s important for homeowners to understand all areas of pool safety for the benefit of every swimming enthusiast taking a dip.


A safety compliant fence

The regulations here in WA are clear when it comes to pool fencing standards – each pool or spa must have a barrier that is safety compliant, to prevent dangerous, yet avoidable, accidents. Fines can be applied should you not adhere to regulations for Perth fencing for swimming pools.

The only way to have complete coverage and peace of mind with your pool fencing is to work with knowledgeable experts like FenceWest, who not only understand local regulations but are adept at creating the safest solution for fencing and gates Perth for your particular requirements.


Self-closing gates

As well as regulations around pool fencing Perth, WA, a self-closing gate is also a vital safety requirement. By closing automatically behind each visitor, the gate stops children or other unwanted visitors from sneaking into the pool area without supervision.

The last thing anyone wants at home is an accident related to drowning, so be sure to work with reputable installers of durable, aluminium fencing and gates Perth who can provide 100% secure, aesthetically pleasing options that work with your existing decor.

Go one step further with pool safety and consider installing a pool alarm that goes off when unexpected motion is detected in the pool, or extend self-closing gates and doors to the house itself.


Supervise, and follow pool rules!

Ensuring a safe pool area relies heavily on quality pool barriers and experienced fence installation Perth, but even secure fencing doesn’t replace the need for supervision of children at all times.

Whether the kids are actually in the swimming pool or just playing nearby, it’s imperative to stay vigilant and always have one adult on supervision duty. Don’t be afraid to enforce pool rules of arm bands on all inexperienced swimmers, no running, and no jumping in the pool especially in shallow sections.


Quality pool fencing Perth from FenceWest

Incorporating safe pool rules with durable aluminium pool fencing Perth, WA, will result in a safe zone for you and your loved ones to have fun all summer long. FenceWest are long-standing reputable suppliers of superior pool fencing Perth, with custom-made options available to suit all size and style of homes. Made using only durable materials, each fence adheres strictly to WA’s pool fencing regulations.

For more information about quality pool fencing options from FenceWest, or with any queries related to our work as Perth fencing contractors, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.