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Your home’s backyard is bound to be one of the places your children feel most safe. Being able to run in and out of doors to play, while surrounded by their beloved family and friends, offers a comfortable, happy feeling like no other.


We all want our children to feel free and easy when playing outdoors, but injuries acquired at home are all too common, especially when unsafe or faulty fencing Perth is involved. Enable your little ones to explore, play, and grow in the utmost safety with the following key tips of creating a secure backyard environment. 

Clear patios and decks

Whether your backyard has a cosy patio or an expansive lawn, it’s unavoidable that your kids will be running across the space regularly. In order to keep your garden or deck safe for play, choose a smooth surface material without splinters or extruding nails, and clear the grass of any rocks or harmful sharp objects.


Keeping your backyard clear of trip and fall hazards seriously reduces the risk of an accident, such as adding a water-resistant finish to any open area of decking. Should you have any potentially dangerous areas you need to keep off-limits, consult experienced fencing contractors Perth for the best way to add secure Colorbond fencing. 

Safe outdoor play equipment

Having a mini playground in your backyard is most children’s dream come true, but the hours of fun can be offset by a dangerous accident if the play equipment is not up to scratch. The outside placement exposes it to the elements on a daily basis, making the equipment likely to deteriorate over time, so keep a close eye for sections that need repair or replacement. 


Make sure to purchase a play set that’s age appropriate for your children. For those with young children, consider working with knowledge fence contractors Perth to install a secure barrier with a Colorbond or aluminium gate around the play area, to prevent an accident when constant supervision is not possible.

Quality fence installation Perth

Creating a truly safe space for your children to explore and play in peace is impossible in most residential areas without premium fence installation Perth. A durable barrier not only prevents them from running out on a nearby road, it also keeps out those who may wish you and your loved ones harm.


By working with the best fencing contractors Perth, you can efficiently install durable Colorbond gates and fencing with slats or panels to keep out prying eyes – whether it be potential intruders, or worse, kidnappers. 

Work with the best fencing contractors Perth

Quality boundary fencing Perth from Fencewest creates a secure, private backyard space for your children to live in safety and comfort. Keeping your home’s outdoor spaces – be it a small patio or front and back gardens – protected from intruders and nosy passers by provides your children with an invaluable safe space in which to grow up. 

To request a quote for premium aluminium gates or Colorbond fencing, or for any queries about our services as expert fence contractors Perth, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.