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Installing the perfect fence type on your property can be a transformative move. As well as adding valuable security and privacy, the right fence brings a renewed sense of style, while connecting existing aesthetic elements of your home and garden.

Whether you’re considering new fencing Perth for as an addition to your property or as a replacement for an old barrier, it’s important to consider what type of fence is right for your needs. This can be a tough choice, with so many colour options and considerations available, but the following guide will fill you in on all you need to know!

Design style

Settling on the right fencing style for your property means analysing the existing decor and colour scheme of your home. The style in which your house is designed should influence this decision, as contemporary homes and more traditional builds may require different looks.

Colour and aesthetics

One key choice is colour, as choosing tones that are complimentary to your home will create a smooth flow from inside to outside, potentially adding subtle colours to lift the feel of a white or muted coloured home. 

Whether you feel your new fence should be an eye-catching feature, or a seamless background addition, Colorbond gates Perth and fencing offer a versatile range of colour options with organic tones to match any aesthetic look. Opt for subdued tones that compliment WA’s landscape such sand or woodland greys, or consider natural looking reds and greens to contrast with existing neutral features.


Quality of fencing is key above all, so one definite decision to make is choosing a tough, durable material that is guaranteed to last for years, like Colorbond fencing Perth. As well as having a clean, versatile style, this low maintenance Australian-made fencing is made from top-quality steel and reliable natural materials, making it the perfect choice to withstand years of tough WA weather.

Whether or not the appearance of your fence is important to you, bear in mind that a quality fence can positively influence the resale price of your property, making aesthetic and design values an important aspect when considering fence installation Perth.

What is its main purpose?

Before you go ahead and book in with experienced fence contractors Perth, consider what your new fence is to be used for, and where. Figuring out whether your priority is privacy and security, creating a safe barrier for children, solely aesthetic appeal, or all of the above, will help determine the best size, height, and layout of fencing Perth for your needs.

Speaking about your requirements to a team knowledgeable in fence installation Perth helps them create the perfect custom design for you. This will determine where gates should be placed, and whether you need a full boundary fence around your entire property, or just your pool. 

Expert service from FenceWest

Working with long standing leaders of fencing Perth at FenceWest means gaining top quality service from initial design, right through to final checks and post installation assessments. To learn more about our range of Colorbond fencing and gates, or for any queries about our range of services as fence contractors Perth, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.